Toyota Launches Bozhi 4X Electric SUV in China, Targeting Competitive EV Market

In a strategic move to penetrate the burgeoning Chinese electric vehicle (EV) market, Toyota, in collaboration with GAC-Toyota, has introduced the much-anticipated Bozhi 4X electric SUV. Priced competitively at €23,300 (RMB 179,800), the Bozhi 4X, an upgraded version of the popular bZ4X model, aims to tackle the challenges posed by the fiercely competitive Chinese EV landscape.

Key Features and Specifications

The Bozhi 4X, measuring 4,690 mm in length, 1,860 mm in width, and 1,650 mm in height, shares the same e-TNGA platform as Toyota’s bZ4X. Featuring a distinctive hammer shark-style front face with multi-eye LED lights, the SUV combines aesthetics with eco-friendliness. Under the hood, it houses a 66.7 kWh ternary lithium-ion battery, offering an impressive 615 km range by CLTC standards. Connectivity is not overlooked, with a 12.3-inch navigation system and support for popular platforms like Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife+, and HUAWEI HiCar.

Innovations for Diverse Needs

Toyota addresses various consumer needs with wireless charging, a versatile interior with ample storage, and a user-friendly interface featuring physical buttons. Collaborating with Subaru, the introduction of “X-MODE” emphasizes a four-wheel drive off-road feature for EVs, enhancing grip in adverse weather conditions with its smart creep mode. Safety is prioritized through intelligent lane tracking, predictive driving mode, and a suite of safety technologies.

Pricing Strategy and Market Challenges

Starting at RMB 179,800, the base model, the 615 Air, offers essential features. The 615 Pro, priced at an additional RMB 20,000 (€2,600), adds premium elements such as high-grade leather seats and a panoramic monitoring system. For those seeking advanced features, the “four-wheel drive 560Max” is priced at RMB 238,800 (€31,200).

However, Toyota faces challenges in the Chinese EV market, evident from an 8% YoY decline in sales, while competitors like BYD experience a 60% surge. With budget-friendly options like the BYD Dolphin starting at €16,300, the success of the Bozhi 4X becomes crucial for Toyota to navigate these turbulent EV waters.


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