Huawei’s STELATO Collaborates with BAIC BJEV for 2024 Electric Sedan Launch

In an exciting move, Huawei’s electric vehicle (EV) brand, STELATO, is gearing up to unveil its first creation in collaboration with BAIC BJEV. The joint venture is set to introduce a spacious all-electric sedan in the first half of 2024, marking yet another stride in Huawei’s expansion into the automotive sector.

Insiders reveal that the prototype, a result of the partnership between tech giant Huawei and BAIC BJEV, is ready for its grand debut. The medium-to-large pure electric sedan is poised to make a significant impact in the market, reflecting the fruitful collaboration between the two entities.

Huawei’s Managing Director, Yu Chengdong, disclosed that the conglomerate has spread its electric wings across four automotive collaborators, including Seres, Chery, BAIC BJEV, and JAC. Each collaboration brings forth unique offerings, ranging from the AITO M9 with Seres to the Luxeed S7 with Chery. The partnership with BAIC BJEV is now set to introduce a C-class pure electric smart vehicle, adding to Huawei’s diverse electric vehicle portfolio.

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) played a pivotal role in the announcement, revealing that Huawei transferred multiple “STELATO” trademarks to BAIC BJEV. While the official Chinese name of the brand is yet to be unveiled, “STELATO” hints at a celestial aspiration for this new venture, drawing inspiration from the Italian word “stellato,” meaning “starry.”

At the Luxeed S7 launch conference, Yu Chengdong hinted at the anticipated price range of the joint venture’s model, internally coded X4, which is set between RMB 300,000 – 400,000 (€39,400 – €52,600). Following a similar business model with AITO, BAIC BJEV oversees production and provides the vehicle platform, while Huawei leads product definition.

As the collaboration unfolds, the partnership with JAC is also gaining momentum. The codenamed X6, the first creation from Huawei and JAC, is scheduled for a fourth-quarter launch in 2024. Simultaneously, an MPV model from this alliance is in the development pipeline, projected to launch in 2025.


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