Rivian Slashes Prices on R1S and R1T Models to Boost Q2 Sales

In a bid to stimulate Q2 sales and manage inventory amidst a general slowdown in the electric vehicle market, Rivian has announced significant price cuts on its R1S and R1T models. The Rivian price cuts apply to the 2023 and 2024 models available in the US and Canada, providing substantial savings for potential buyers.

The R1S, Rivian’s flagship SUV, is seeing considerable discounts across different configurations. The Large Pack variant now comes with a $2,000 discount, while the Max Pack’s price is slashed by $4,000. Additionally, the Quad-Motor AWD powertrain option is reduced by $2,000.

For those eyeing the R1T, Rivian’s popular pickup truck, there are notable savings as well. The R1T Large Pack with the dual-motor powertrain is now $4,000 cheaper, and all Large Pack configurations have a $3,100 price reduction regardless of the powertrain. Furthermore, Rivian is offering the Performance DM AWD upgrade at no additional cost, an upgrade that usually adds $5,000 to the price.

These inventory-specific discounts may vary depending on the particular vehicle chosen, but they represent a significant opportunity for buyers to acquire a high-quality electric vehicle at a reduced price. Rivian’s strategy is clear: to invigorate sales and reduce inventory, making their vehicles more accessible in a competitive EV market.

The price reductions come at a time when the electric vehicle market is experiencing slower growth, prompting manufacturers like Rivian to adopt aggressive pricing strategies to attract customers. With these new price cuts, Rivian is not only aiming to clear existing stock but also to strengthen its market position as a leading EV manufacturer.

By offering substantial discounts on its R1S and R1T models, Rivian is demonstrating its commitment to providing value to customers and staying competitive in a dynamic market. Whether you’re in the US or Canada, these reduced prices make it a great time to consider a Rivian for your next vehicle purchase.



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