Xiaomi Partners with CATL and BYD to Boost SU7 Electric Car Production

Xiaomi is making significant strides in ramping up production for its first electric car, the SU7. To address delivery bottlenecks and meet increasing demand, Xiaomi has announced that the entry-level variant of the SU7 will be equipped with batteries from both CATL and BYD, two of the industry’s leading battery suppliers.

CATL batteries

This strategic move is aimed at diversifying Xiaomi’s battery supply chain, ensuring a steady and reliable flow of components. Both CATL and BYD batteries offer an impressive CLTC range of 700 km, ensuring a long driving distance on a single charge. Additionally, both battery options support fast charging, allowing for a 350 km range replenishment in just 15 minutes.

Ensuring Consistent Performance

Xiaomi has assured customers that the choice of battery supplier, whether CATL or BYD, will not impact the vehicle’s performance or range. The company emphasizes that both CATL and FinDreams (BYD’s battery manufacturing arm) are recognized as industry leaders, providing high-quality and reliable battery cells. This commitment to quality and performance highlights Xiaomi’s dedication to delivering top-notch technology in its electric vehicles.

Doubling Production Efforts

To further streamline production and meet delivery targets, Xiaomi EV will implement double-shift production at its factory starting in June. This, combined with the expanded supplier network, is expected to increase monthly deliveries to over 10,000 units. This move is a crucial step in ensuring that Xiaomi can meet the growing demand for its electric SUV.

Diverse Options for Customers

Since its launch in March 2024, the Xiaomi SU7 has garnered significant attention, offering three variants: standard, Pro, and Max. Priced competitively from RMB 215,900 (€27,800), the SU7 caters to a range of customer preferences and budgets. The standard version, initially powered by BYD’s blade batteries, now benefits from the addition of CATL’s battery technology. The Pro version features CATL’s Shenxing Battery, while the top-tier Max version is equipped with CATL’s Qilin Battery, each offering varying battery capacities and CLTC ranges.


By partnering with CATL and BYD, Xiaomi is taking bold steps to overcome production challenges and meet the high demand for its SU7 electric SUV. This collaboration not only ensures a steady supply of high-quality batteries but also reinforces Xiaomi’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and performance in its electric vehicles.



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