Sony Honda Mobility Unveils Enhanced Afeela Prototype at CES 2024

In a groundbreaking move at CES 2024, Sony Honda Mobility has showcased an upgraded version of its Afeela prototype, providing a glimpse into the future of electric sedan technology. The Afeela, set to hit the market in 2025, exhibits a refined design, blending sleek aesthetics with innovative features.

Revamped Exterior

The Afeela’s exterior enhancements are evident with a sporty black strip on the front bumper, illuminated badging, and a full-width light bar, giving it a distinct and polished look. The rear sports a beefier bumper and an active spoiler, drawing inspiration from the elegance of the Lucid Air and Toyota Crown.

Cabin Upgrades

Inside, the Afeela boasts significant cabin updates, including a larger center console with dual wireless charging pads. The yoke-style steering wheel and a wide dashboard-spanning screen from the original prototype are retained, providing a seamless blend of modern design and user-friendly features.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Sony Honda Mobility is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) for driver assistance systems, employing Vision Transformer for image recognition-based path planning. Qualcomm’s chipsets power these systems, ensuring a reliable and safe driving experience. Additionally, a collaboration with Epic Games aims to create immersive displays simulating external conditions using Unreal Engine 5.3, potentially revolutionizing in-car gaming experiences.

Exciting Partnerships

Sony Honda Mobility is set to introduce the electric Afeela to Gran Turismo 7, partnering with Polyphony Digital. Furthermore, a collaboration with Microsoft for a “conversational personal agent” based on Azure OpenAI software showcases the company’s commitment to sophisticated digital assistants.

Technical Specifications

The Afeela boasts permanent magnet synchronous motors on both front and rear axles, delivering a total output of 482 horsepower. Charging at up to 150 kW on a DC charger, the vehicle’s range remains undisclosed. Notably, the Afeela has grown slightly in size, measuring 4,915 mm in length.



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