Xiaomi Squashes Rumors of SU7 EREV Amidst Growing Speculation

In a recent 100-question-and-answer session on Chinese social media platforms, Xiaomi, the renowned tech giant, has officially dismissed speculations surrounding the development of an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) version of its SU7 model. The clarification comes in response to earlier rumors fueled by the recruitment of EREV engineers from other automotive companies. Xiaomi’s spokesperson categorically stated that there are no immediate plans for an EREV variant, contradicting prior expectations.

Amidst these developments, Xiaomi is redirecting its automotive focus towards the advancement of its fully-electric Modena EV platform. The company aims to prioritize the development and refinement of electric vehicles (EVs), setting aside any plans for hybrid models in the near future. This strategic shift is designed to strengthen Xiaomi’s position in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market.

Contrary to some reports anticipating the launch of an SU5 model, Xiaomi has clarified that such a release is not on the horizon. This statement contradicts earlier suggestions of a smaller vehicle being introduced in 2025, based on the Modena platform. Xiaomi’s commitment to concentrating efforts on their existing EV platform suggests a deliberate and considered approach to their future automotive endeavors.

While the denial of an imminent SU7 EREV might disappoint some enthusiasts, industry insiders speculate that Xiaomi could still venture into the extended-range electric vehicle segment in the long run. This potential move is predicted to materialize only after the introduction of a second fully-electric vehicle built upon the Modena platform.

In conclusion, Xiaomi’s recent statement has put to rest the rumors surrounding the SU7 EREV, clarifying the company’s dedication to the development of all-electric vehicles. The tech giant remains committed to innovation, with the Modena EV platform at the forefront of its automotive aspirations.



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