BYD Reveals Key Specifications of Yangwang U7 and U8 Master Edition EVs

Chinese automaker BYD is generating buzz with the unveiling of core specifications for its highly-anticipated electric vehicles (EVs) – the Yangwang U7 sedan and the Master Edition of the U8 SUV. As part of China’s regulatory process, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has opened the Yangwang U7 for public comment from January 16 to January 22.

The BYD Yangwang U7, equipped with a potent +1,000 hp output, surprises with four electric motors, each delivering an impressive peak power output of 240 kW. This totals to a remarkable 960 kW or over 1,287 hp. The sedan, measuring 5,265 mm in length, 1,998 mm in width, and 1,517 mm in height, boasts a spacious wheelbase of 3,160 mm. Its lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, likely BYD’s signature blade battery, promises enhanced safety and longevity. While details on battery capacity are absent from the MIIT filing, the U7 offers exciting options like a panoramic sunroof, power spoiler, roof-mounted LiDAR sensor, and digital rearview mirrors.

Moving on to the Yangwang U8 Master Edition, an off-road SUV gaining attention since its 2023 unveiling, the latest MIIT filing unveils its exciting features. While details are limited, the U8 Master Edition caters to off-road enthusiasts with roof drone pods, tow hooks, an electric winch, and side tool platforms.

The BYD Yangwang U7 and U8 Master Edition filings provide enthusiasts with essential specifications but leave them anticipating the crucial detail – the pricing. As electric vehicles continue to dominate the automotive landscape, BYD’s latest offerings aim to make a significant impact in the market.



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