Xiaomi’s EV Venture Gains Momentum: Over 75,000 Orders for SU7, Targets 10,000 Deliveries by June

Xiaomi, the renowned technology conglomerate, is accelerating its foray into the electric vehicle market with staggering pre-order numbers for its SU7 model. Founder Lei Jun announced at the Beijing auto show that the company has secured an impressive 75,723 orders for the SU7 as of April 24. These orders, backed by non-refundable deposits, underscore the strong demand and confidence in Xiaomi’s electric vehicle venture.

In a bold move, Xiaomi aims to fulfill over 10,000 deliveries of the SU7 by June, demonstrating its commitment to swift execution and customer satisfaction. This ambitious target aligns with the company’s strategic objectives set forth earlier, signaling a determined push into the competitive electric vehicle landscape.

Lei Jun emphasized Xiaomi’s unwavering focus on the Chinese market for the next three years, highlighting the brand’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of domestic consumers. With advanced deliveries of the standard and Max SU7 models already underway since April 18, Xiaomi is poised to rapidly expand its presence in the electric vehicle segment. Anticipation builds as the Pro models are slated for delivery by the end of May, further enhancing Xiaomi’s market penetration and product lineup.

In a glimpse of its cutting-edge manufacturing prowess, Xiaomi teased its sprawling 718,000m² EV facility equipped with state-of-the-art automation technology. Boasting over 700 robots, the facility showcases the pinnacle of efficiency and precision in electric vehicle production. Notably, the assembly of SU7’s exterior components is fully automated with an impressive accuracy of ±0.5mm, ensuring top-notch quality and consistency. With a mesmerizing pace of a new SU7 rolling off the line every 76 seconds, Xiaomi demonstrates its capacity to scale production and meet growing demand in the electric vehicle market.

Xiaomi’s remarkable progress in the electric vehicle space heralds a new era of innovation and competition. With aggressive targets and formidable manufacturing capabilities, the tech giant is poised to reshape the landscape of sustainable mobility while captivating consumers with its cutting-edge offerings. As the journey unfolds, all eyes remain on Xiaomi as it navigates the dynamic terrain of the electric vehicle market, fueling anticipation for what lies ahead.



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