Xiaomi SU7 Electric Vehicle Faces 7-Month Wait Time for Buyers

April Fools’ Day brings little laughter for Xiaomi SU7 buyers as they face an extended waiting period of up to seven months for delivery. The Xiaomi SU7, the tech giant’s debut into the electric vehicle market, has garnered immense popularity among consumers seeking a blend of futuristic technology and affordability.

The surge in demand for the stylish SU7 has resulted in delivery wait times stretching from three to seven months, with high-end variants like the SU7 Max facing the longest wait, extending to mid-October.

Despite the frustration caused by prolonged wait times, Xiaomi’s EV division, still in its infancy, is working diligently to scale up production. The company’s efforts are evident in the aggressive expansion of its showroom network across China, with plans to open 211 showrooms by the year’s end.

The SU7’s appeal lies not only in its eye-catching design but also in its competitive pricing, starting at RMB 215,900 (around €27,900), which undercuts many established rivals while offering a range of enticing features. Higher-spec variants such as the Pro and Max models promise enhanced performance and luxury, further bolstering its appeal in the hyper-competitive Chinese EV market.

Xiaomi’s Beijing-based EV factory serves as the backbone of its production operations, with a target annual capacity of 300,000 vehicles. The factory, currently operating at a capacity of 40 SU7s per hour, aims to reach phase 1 production capacity by mid-2024, potentially alleviating waiting times significantly.

Despite the challenges posed by prolonged waiting periods, the allure of the Xiaomi SU7 remains strong for EV enthusiasts. As the company continues to ramp up production and expand its showroom presence, consumers eagerly await the opportunity to experience the SU7’s style, technology, and affordability firsthand.



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