Volkswagen and XPeng Collaborate on New EV Architecture

Volkswagen and XPeng, two major players in the automotive industry, have announced a deepening of their existing partnership to co-develop a new electric vehicle (EV) architecture. This collaboration is aimed at leveraging XPeng’s advanced software and hardware solutions to enhance Volkswagen’s future EV models in China.

Volkswagen and XPeng collaboration

XPeng’s expertise in infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a key component of this partnership. These are areas where Volkswagen has faced challenges in recent years. The collaboration with XPeng allows Volkswagen to benefit from XPeng’s progress in these domains, expediting the development process and potentially reducing costs for both companies.

The focus of the collaboration will be on utilizing XPeng’s existing architecture to create EVs that cater specifically to the Chinese market. By sharing architecture and technology, Volkswagen aims to produce high-quality EVs that meet the needs of local consumers.

The first Volkswagen EVs using the jointly developed architecture are expected to be on the roads in China by 2026. This timeline underscores the efficiency and potential benefits of the partnership for both automakers, promising an exciting future for the electric vehicle industry in China.



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