Tesla Slashes FSD Price in US and Canada Amidst Technology Upgrades

Tesla has announced a substantial $4,000 price cut on its “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) software package, reducing its cost to $8,000 in the United States and CAD 11,000 in Canada. This decision follows other recent adjustments, such as lowering the monthly FSD subscription fee from $199 to $99, and vehicle price reductions just days prior.


These moves may be a response to Tesla’s recent disappointing sales quarter and ongoing challenges, including layoffs and a desire for a cash flow boost. By offering a more competitive upfront cost, Tesla may be hoping to make the FSD option more appealing to potential customers. The price cut also comes on the heels of a major overhaul of the FSD system, which now utilizes advanced machine learning technology to enhance self-driving capabilities in its latest version, 12.3.

Tesla is currently offering all its US customers a one-month free trial of the enhanced FSD system, now referred to as “Supervised Full Self-Driving” to reflect its early stages of development.

Tesla FSD price cut

While the FSD price drop applies to North America, European prices remain higher than the new US rates despite the system’s limited capabilities outside the US. CEO Elon Musk has consistently touted FSD’s potential, suggesting it could make Tesla vehicles appreciating assets through future robotaxi capabilities.

Tesla’s pricing strategy indicates the company’s desire to stimulate sales and support customer interest in FSD, despite the ongoing need for supervision and technological improvements.



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