Tesla Cybertruck’s Highway Range Falls Short in Real-world Test

In a recent independent real-world test, the Tesla Cybertruck, hailed as a beacon of modern technology and sustainability, exhibited a highway range of 409 km. This figure, however, fell short of the promised 515 km according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. The discrepancy raises concerns about the practicality of the Cybertruck, highlighting the impact of real-world conditions on its performance.

Key Findings and Concerns:

The test, conducted at a moderate 8°C, revealed that the Cybertruck’s 123 kWh battery pack was fully depleted after covering 409 km. This result becomes even more concerning when considering extreme conditions, such as sub-freezing temperatures or the additional strain of towing. The need for an additional “range extender” battery system, priced at €14,900 and compromising loading space, adds complexity and questions the truck’s versatility as a work vehicle without this option.

Viability and Practicality in Real-world Scenarios:

The skepticism surrounding the Cybertruck’s performance stems from a genuine concern for the viability and practicality of electric vehicles (EVs) in everyday use. As the automotive industry embraces sustainability, transparency in performance under various conditions becomes crucial. The ability of EVs, especially those intended for work purposes, to handle diverse scenarios is paramount for building trust among consumers.

Challenges and Considerations:

Beyond the range, factors such as the Cybertruck’s price point, distinctive aesthetic, and ambitious promises have sparked intense discussions and scrutiny. The independent test underscores that while the future of transportation may be electric, real-world challenges need to be addressed for widespread adoption. Additionally, the unavailability of the “range extender” battery system further complicates the decision-making process for potential buyers.

The performance of the Tesla Cybertruck in this independent real-world test serves as a reminder that despite bold promises, EVs must prove their capabilities in practical scenarios. As the industry evolves, addressing concerns about range, additional features, and real-world performance becomes imperative for gaining consumer trust and driving the adoption of sustainable transportation.



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