Hongqi to Launch Its Own Smartphone in Collaboration with Ecarx

Hongqi, owned by China FAW, is following the trend set by other Chinese automakers by entering the smartphone market. The premium New Energy Vehicle (NEV) arm of China FAW aims to improve the connectivity and integration between its vehicles and smartphones. In partnership with Geely-backed parts supplier Ecarx, Hongqi will create high-end, branded smartphones that offer seamless integration with its cars.

This move follows similar initiatives by Nio, which launched its smartphone last year, and Polestar, which will unveil its device later this month. The primary selling point for these collaborations is the improved integration between smartphones and cars, enhancing the connected driving experience.

Ecarx and FAW signed an agreement for smartphone development at the automaker’s headquarters in Changchun, Jilin, in northeast China. The cooperation will encompass the development of a “smart cockpit,” the Hongqi OS, and Hongqi-branded smartphones.

In 2023, Hongqi saw a significant increase in sales, retailing more than 85,000 units, a 135% rise compared to the previous year. The company’s entry into the smartphone market signals its commitment to offering an “ultimate connected smart interaction experience” for its customers, aligning with current market trends in the Chinese auto industry.



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